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Be a knight in defence of his kingdom in this 2D action plataformer.

This is game made in less then 4 months during my fourth semester as a student in the University FUMEC located in Brazil, made by a team of 3 people; myself, Lucas Borges and Igor Fernando, Wallace Vidigal and Melksedek Lima were part of team at firts but left in the begining of the project. In this project i did the main character (art, animation and code), level design, main concept and music.

In a world where there are mystical creatures and magic, still in the middle age, a king blinded by his greed and thirst for power ends up unearthing an amulet of an ancient world that no longer exists. This amulet gives the king great power, corrupting him even more by causing him to attack nations already dominated and surrendered only for the pleasure of war. Some of the knights are against the king's actions, but still protect him by having their honor sworn to his majesty. When reaching a village one of the knights is faced with the destruction that the king caused, killing without mercy and plundering all the houses. This knight decides to go against his king, becoming a traitor to his kingdom and losing the powers he received from his majesty.

Install instructions

Download it, unzip it and run Helmul.exe


Helmut 206 MB

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